Training on Diamond Aircraft Industries equipment in Belarus

For the first time theoretical and practical training on modern aviation equipment of Austrian manufacture of «Diamond Aircraft Industries» Company, world leader at manufacture of aircraft made of composite material, is performed in the Republic of Belarus.

JCL “Diamond Aviation Club” was established on the initiative of people who are in love with the sky and flights, who are found of aviation. This is a concentration  of like-minded people, who want to contribute into development of small aviation at Belarus, join people who live dreaming of sky.

JCL “Diamond Aviation Club” considers its goal to involve enthusiasts and people who are interested in the development of small aviation, its application within the interest of Belorussian society and our state.

All the specialists of  “Diamond Aviation Club”  have higher aviation education, were retrained at foreign certified aviation centers and accreditation at Aviation Department of  the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus.  Average employment history of our colleagues at aviation sphere is more than 15 years.

We are ready to make your dream a reality!